Sow A Seed

God honors and blesses obedience.  Giving is an act of worship and an act of obedience to follow God’s instruction for us.  Give as God has given unto us.  John 3:16

Your contribution allows us to help people in need in our communities and to advance the kingdom of God by supporting the ministries within the church. 


There are several ways to give:  

Contribute by Mail

P.O. Box 3177

Hueytown, AL  35023-1542

Contribute In Person

The deacons and trustees will be at the church every Saturday from 10am-12pm

Contribute by PayPal

Contribute by Givelify

Please note that there is a 3% convenience fee when contributing through PayPal or Givelify and you must setup a personal account with each merchant.  There is no need to setup a personal account if using the debit or credit card option.